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hey hi i'm kappa. i'm a 19 year old musician who got sick of carrd and decided to make this.

this site is an in-progress dumping ground for info about my music, and anything else i find interesting. such things may include indie and underground ephemera, 2000s-early 2010s internet culture, vintage animation, funny apes and moar

fave musicians include: xtc, sparks, lemon demon, they might be giants, daniel johnston, half japanese, talkshow boy, talking heads, the fall, car seat headrest, radiohead, logan whitehurst, the kinks, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, the moldy peaches, 100 gecs, black midi, thee oh sees/oh sees/osees/ocs etc, death grips, neil young, weezer, the b-52's, bob dylan, courtney barnett, dead kennedys, the beach boys, captain beefheart, my chemical romance, nick drake, crass, the cure, sonic youth, kanye west

fave tv + web shows include: twin peaks, anything alan partridge-related, the thick of it, one-hit wonderland + trainwreckords, mystery science theater 3000, peep show, it's always sunny in philadelphia, homestar runner, internet comment etiquette, the eric andre show, scott the woz, the inbetweeners, the good place, derry girls, star trek: tos, tim and eric awesome show great job, unhhhh + i like to watch

kappa discography
various oldish gifs i like
Half Japanese / Jad + David Fair info archive
[COMING SOON] updates, ramblings, writings, etc

if u wanna contact me:
insta - kappamusik
discord - kappa#0963
tumblr - kappaaa

last updated 04/09/21

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